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Threshold - Bay City Rollers - Ego Trip - Tartan Army - Legendary - Solo Artist

I See Les

All Washed Up

Les' musical influences have been David Bowie, Bryan Ferry and Pink Floyd.

Les jams with his boys with a new style to some of his classic hits on Ultimate Live.  This album also features a few new songs.  Ultimate Live was recorded live at the Fukuoka Blue Note in Japan.  Don’t miss the highly appraised song Say and the unforgettable Killing the Blues, a duet Les sings with his band mate Russell.

Welcome to my site. My site is a tribute site which celebrates the music career of Les McKeown. What i've done is taken a photo from either a fan site or one that was given to me and gave the photo sort of a whole new look. Each new picture has been dedicated to one of Les McKeown's songs.

Can you recognize any of the photos? Some you can and some, well, haha you won't believe how I got it that way.

For a little extra bonus, CLICK on a picture. Each picture will give a brief sample of that song. Go ahead, CLICK on it...Kinda KEWL huh? Not bad for a Jersey girl...WOOHOO!!!

Now then without further ado...TA TA TUM...

Presenting my tribute site dedicated to the music of Les McKeown...

Alles Clar
All Washed Up
Ball And Chain
Love is Just a Breath Away
Bring The Love Back
Computer Love
Dedicate This Record
Die For Love
Disco Child
Enough Love
Got To Believe
Heart Control
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