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Threshold - Bay City Rollers - Ego Trip - Tartan Army - Legendary - Solo Artist

In the Middle of the Night I Want to Whisper Your Name
It was September 20, 1975 when the Bay City Rollers first Appeared on American Television.  They appeared on Saturday Night Live with Howard Cosell and sang their US hit song Saturday Night.  Chat with fans, here at Les' Offiical Message Board
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"Bound to happen. Could be today. Pack your bags throw your cares away."
Did you know:  In June of 1976 The Bay City Rollers' first US Concert was in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  Find out where Les is playing today by going to the Les Mckeown Official Website.
How Wonderful Life Is Heatwave Heartache Tonight
Wanderer Looking For Love More Coming Soon
More Coming Soon More Coming Soon More Coming Soon
More Coming Soon More Coming Soon More Coming Soon

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